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The journey which started from that small eatery behind Bijoli Cinema around 50 years back is today quite an achievement and mentionable history , Bijoli Grill becomes a formidable brand in food and catering industry in Kolkata. Bijoli Grill today caters simultaneously to 7-8 marriages in an evening and is the top brand name in organised catering in Kolkata employing around hundreds of skilled manpower and professionals.

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Cut to…. Calcutta, around a 70 years back.
Times were equally turbulent, if not like Germany, but well… almost.

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why the place so special?....Standard Menu

Mutton Curry

Mutton curry absolutely delicious recipe. Mutton curry is an Indian curry dish that is prepared from mutton and vegetables and originated in Bengal.

Sorshe Ilish

Sorshe Ilish is a Bengali dish made from hilsa, cooked in mustard gravy. The dish is popular among the people in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Crab Curry

This Indian crab curry has blend of good spice and coconut. All this makes this curry special and mouth watering. Crab curry goes well with steamed rice

Bhetki Paturi

This is a signature Bengali dish. Where Bhetki Mach along with a paste of Mustard and Coconut wrapped in banana leaf and the result is melting in mouth.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Kasha is a typical Bengali recipe. This is a rich preparation of chicken, which goes really well with steamed rice, pulao or roti.

Daab Chingri

Daab Chingri also known as Chingri Daab is a Bengali prawn curry, cooked and served in green coconut, which adds a flavour in it.

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